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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Stanley Unwin: Master of nonsense Professor" Stanley Unwin specialised in an unfathomable verbal style, replete with malapropisms and poetic gobbledegook.
[Look at it only if you can bear to read the following statement: "Fascinated by the absurdity of this language and with that of Edward Lear of Jabberwocky fame, he developed his own bizarre vocabulary, Unwinese, with which he delighted his own children."]
BBC also has another obituary: Comedian Stanley Unwin dies, and a page with samples: Stanley Unwin Thinking of England on BBCi.
posted by Marco Graziosi 12:35 PM

Obituary: Stanley Unwin Few variety artistes have caught the public’s imagination quite like Stanley Unwin, the self-styled “Professor of Unwinese”, a glottal-stopped gobbledegookian language that sounded deceptively like English trying to swallow itself. For more than fifty years he gave bewildering humorous expositions which might almost have come from the pages of Finnegans Wake.
Unwinese developed out of bedtime stories that he had invented for his children, together with an admiration he had for the nonsense poet Edward Lear.
The Times
posted by Marco Graziosi 12:24 PM

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