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You can find many of the comics mentioned in this page at The Library of Comics, which also accepts orders online.

The Punch Cartoons Page presents a project put together by students in History 387: Studies in Victorian Culture and Society: Prejudice and Policy at Vassar. Very good even if not really about nonsense. Includes some Tenniel cartoons.

The early history of comic art was strongly influenced by Nonsense literature. The Comics Page provides a skeleton history of this form.

The best-known early cartoonist with a Nonsense inclination is Winsor McCay, with his Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend and Little Nemo in Slumberland (this is great; there is another Winsor McCay and Little Nemo in Slumberland page but it doesn't contain much at the moment).

The less-known Lyonel Feininger (later an appreciated expressionist artist) produced two wonderful series which are somehow Lear-related: The Kin-Der-Kids tells the story of four little children who cross the ocean in a tub, and Wee Winnie Winkle presents the daydreams of a small child who takes ordinary objects for fabulous creatures.

Another very famous comic character living in a Nonsense world is George Herriman's Krazy Kat, beside the fundamental 'To He, I Am For Evva True': Krazy Kat 's Indeterminate Gender by Elisabeth Crocker, there are four sites entirely devoted to the most romantic of cats:

A lot of Krazy Kat daily and Sunday strips can also be found at RWS/The Backdoor.
George Herriman also illustrated Don Marquis's Archy and Mehitabel books, Jim Ennes has set up a nice Don Marquis Page. Also visit John Batteiger's Archy and Mehitabel Page with several Herriman illustrations.

Another nonsensical feline with several links is Pat Sullivan's Felix the Cat:

Walt Kelly's Pogo is another classic with an inclination to nonsensical satire: visit The Pogo Page to find out about his adventures.

A very nice site containing nonsensical contemporary comic art is 3 Guys Who Draw: this is obviously a graphics-rich set of pages, but it deserves a visit.

Finally, one of the best comics being published: Bone by Jeff Smith also has his own (fantastic) pages.

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