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11 April 2002

26 March 2002

18 November 2001

17 April 2001

6 August 2000

5 August 2000

5 July 2000

1 September 1999

26 May 1999

15 May 1999

10 May 1999

  • A posthumous book containing a picture story is online: Lear in Sicily with all the pictures, introduction and notes.
  • Several entries added in the Musical arrangements page.

April 1999

  • The site has been completely redesigned. Two mirror sites opened, in the USA (http://edwardlear.cjb.net/) and in Europe (http://elear.cjb.net/). Though you can still enjoy it with any browser, a CSS style sheet enabled one will offer best results.

January 1999

  • Added link to subscribe to the Edward Lear mailing list. Thanks to ListBot
  • Added a form to obtain notification of changes to this page.

November 1998

19 April 1998

5 February 1998

20 January 1998

2 January 1998

3 December 1997

18 October 1997

23 August 1997

7 August 1997

9 May 1997

  • New page with Portraits of Lear, as well as three portraits.
  • New Edward Lear's Art page, four parrot illustrations added.
  • New Pentatette Seal of Approval on Home Page, Pentatette link added in Limericks links page
  • Announcement of Second Annual Limerick Contest on Home Page.
  • Home Page completely redesigned, added second-level TOCs.
  • Link to poetry generation page in Nonsense links page.

2 February 1997

21 January 1997

8 January 1997

12 November 1996

9 October 1996

25 July 1996

13 June 1996

10 June 1996

  • Added the counter (including the contacts at previous location) to the Home Page.
  • New links in the Lear, limericks and comics link pages.

5 June 1996

1 June 1996

The pages have reached America! New URL.
Added an Essays section with a review of Maxima's CD-ROM and Sir Edward Strachey's Introduction to Lear's Nonsense Songs and Stories (1895).

27 May 1996

All limericks from the 1861 Book of Nonsense are now online.
Added a couple of pictures to the Chronology.
New logo for the pages and general reorganization of the site.

5 May 1996
The Lear pages have been voted among the Favourite Web Sites at SFBUZZ Weekend Browser Award! I have removed the link to SFBUZZ as it redirected to a pornographic site, I'm sorry if you ever happened to click it.
New Fulford Gallery link in the Lear links page.

19 April 1996

MAXIMA New Media's Edward Lear Limerick Contest.
New Lear Links.

20 February 1996

Three limericks which appeared only in the 1846 and 1855 editions added.
New Little Nemo Page added to Comics links.

20 January 1996

New Edward Gorey and several Morgenstern links in the Nonsense Links page. Updated link to Ch. Cave's Joyce page and added link to the Children's Literature Web Guide in Literature Links page.
Added a few items to the bibliography of Lear Works.

6 January 1996

Added a review of MAXIMA New Media's Lear CD-ROM.
Nonsense links page reorganized and some links added.

17 December 1995

Chronology completed. I have very little space left for the Lear pages!

15 December 1995

New song: The Dong with a Luminous Nose.
I have changed the background color after receiving a pair of messages lamenting difficulties in reading the introductory pages; let me know if the new color has improved readability.

13 December 1995

The Daddy Long-legs and the Fly to Nonsense Songs and Stories page.
New links in the Nonsense Literature section: Eliot's Book of Practical Cats and other Eliot resources.

Starting Point Hot Site10 November 1995
"There was an Old Derry down Derry" has been slected as the Starting Point's daily 'Featured Hot Site'!

9 December 1995

Nonsense Songs and Stories page with The Yonghy-Bonghy-B (lyrics and MIDI file).
Added subject table to links page, as well as a new link to 3 Guys Who Draw page in the Comics section.

5 December 1995

Added links to Maxima New Media's Lear CD-ROMs, Dan Gregor's transcript of Lear's Alphabet and Dan Visel's Nonsense books links. Home page slightly modified (removed introduction to the limerick).

3 December 1995

Added links to Lear's The Jumblies, to Archy and Mehitabel pages (thanks to Jim Ennes), and to David Dodd's essay on Nonsense in Grateful Dead's songs.

1 December 1995

Added the first 60 limericks from A Book of Nonsense and the page about G. Verbeek's Terrors of the Tiny Tads. Some links still lead to empty or incomplete documents; I'm working hard on these.

First set up on 26 November 1995


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